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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Western Trip to the Classic 1955 Ford Crown Victoria / New Mexico

ford crown victoria The very first Ford Crown Victoria was built in the 1955 model year. This new designed vehicle had many distinctive features that really set it apart during the mid 1950's. In many ways it was a significant turning point in automobile design. The Ford Crown Victoria added a sport touch to a family vehicle.

The photos in this article were taken at one of the best smaller car museums I have visited. This classic car museum at the far east end of New Mexico, just a few miles from the Texas border has one of the best collections of vintage automobiles and trucks to be found. The museum is at Russell's Truck Stop in Endee New Mexico. This is right off Interstate 40 at Exit 369.

It's also very near an old famous automobile trail called Route 66. If you're vacationing or traveling anywhere in the area, I would highly recommend you stop in. Having a museum like this in such a remote area is a real gem. It's also a very good reason to take a short rest from driving. Time very well spent.

In 1955, the Fairlane models replaced the Ford Crestline's. Six different models were produced under the Fairlane line, the Crown Victoria Skyliner being one of them. Ford took the name Fairlane from Henry Ford's estate near Detroit which he named Fair Lane. The Fairlane's were built as full sized models. The name Crown Victoria is derived from the stainless band that 'Crowns' the roof line. Ford Fairlanes were in production from 1955 to 1971. The Fairlane models were great sellers for the Ford Motor Company.

1955 ford crown victoria
The 1955 Ford was advertised as a car with the feeling of motion built into the basic shape of the car itself. Ford offered in 1955 an entirely redesigned model, both inside and out. The new Ford design provided longer, lower and wider bodies, the lowest being Ford's new Crown Victoria, which was the company's first closed car under five feet high. A very sleek car indeed for the mid 1950's.

Two of the most unique features of the 1955 Crown Victoria were the stainless steel edging all along the roof line. The second feature was very sporty for it's time but didn't sell too well in the sunny southern states and was discontinued. That was an acrylic glass roof section on the forward part of the roof. This model was called the Ford Crown Victoria Skyliner. Due to the strong southern sun it appears that most of the glass roof models sold in Scandinavian countries where a strong sun wasn't an issue.

ford crown victoria skyliner
The 1955 Ford Crown Victoria came in a  2-door 6-seater hardtop coupe which was  part of the Ford Fairlane line.The Crown Victoria differed from the regular Victoria model by having a lower, sleeker roof line. In addition to the steel trim roof line, the car had more stainless steel trim in general.

 You can see the extra steel trim along the back fins and around the spare tire carrier on the rear. Prices have certainly changed with the times. I have seen 1955 Crown Victoria classic cars selling for $35,000. I have also seen asking prices in the range from $60,000 to $70,000. The factory price in 1955 was $2,300. You'll also find a large market today for 1955 Crown Victoria parts such as the chrome molding.

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If your travel plans include a road trip on Interstate 40 in New Mexico which is generally along the old Route 66, there are several fine auto museums and collections along the way. Another one that is a must stop is in Santa Rosa New Mexico.You'll find an amazingly large collection of vintage cars and trucks at the Route 66 Auto Museum located at 2411 Historic Route 66 in Santa Rosa. The Route 66 Auto Museum also sells some of the vintage cars on display. It's quite an impressive museum with a lot of old Route 66 history. It' definitely worth a visit. 

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