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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Visit Historic Colorado / Cripple Creek

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Cripple Creek, Colorado is located about 28 miles west/southwest of Colorado Springs. Driving distance is about 45 miles.

The area was originally a ranching community and then in 1891 gold was discovered. This obviously changed everything and at it's height in the early 1900's, the population soared to around 50,000. Even today, a town of 50,000 is not considered small. You can imagine the enormity of a booming mining metropolis of that size in 1900. The area turned out to be one of the largest gold mining discoveries in North America. When the gold find started to exhaust itself in 1918 approximately $300 million worth of the precious metal had been mined from this area.

Visit Scenic Cripple Creek Colorado

Traveling in Colorado always offers scenic vistas and great photo taking opportunities. Cripple Creek is no exception as the town is situated on the southwestern slopes of Pikes Peak. It's elevation is 9,500 feet and it is designated a National Historic Landmark.

Today, Cripple Creek Colorado is a well known tourist destination with the opportunity to take tours of the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine which is still operational. Entertainment was always a going business in old mining towns and Cripple Creek was no exception. Theaters and opera houses have come and gone over all the years, but Cripple Creek still has one historical venue that began in it's heyday of the Colorado Gold Rush. The Butte Theater still offers visitor exciting and original live entertainment to this day..

Lots of great restaurants, hotels and horseback riding is available in and around Cripple Creek. Be sure not to miss visiting the Cripple Creek District Museum which will really give you all you need to know about the town's historical significance. Cripple Creek also hosts events year round including the Cripple Creek Ice Festival in February...the Once Upon a Time in the West Art Show and the Donkey Derby Days in June... Cripple Creek's Fourth of July Celebration...and many more.

A good companion side trip when heading to Cripple Creek is nearby Manitou Springs Colorado and the Miramont Castle.

Here are some very good web sites to learn more about Cripple Creek and their schedule of annual events:



Another not to miss stop while you are in this area of Colorado is the Royal Gorge Bridge. The bridge was built in 1929 over the Arkansas River just west of Canon City, CO and south of Cripple Creek. The bridge rises 955 feet above the Arkansas River and is breath taking. Obviously some great photo opportunities. These sites will tell you more about this spectacular span:



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