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Monday, May 18, 2015

Mountain Biking in the West / Types of Bikes

It's a fact that several companies offer mountain biking tours that go through very scenic routes. Taking a mountain biking getaway  is an excellent way to simply unwind from daily stress and at the same time explore some of the more scenic areas of the United States. Some of these biking companies even arrange accommodations for travelers as well.

bike trails lake tahoe
Plenty of scenic trails at Lake Tahoe, CA
For athletic couples, a biking  vacation offers the opportunity of exercising together and enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors. As opposed to working out on a treadmill in a gym, mountain biking puts you right in the middle of nature. It can't get too much better than that.

Regions and Trail Types

Each and every region in the United States has some truly awesome mountain biking trails. In fact, there's a trail somewhere that will provide riders the adventure they seek. Each and every region in the United States has some truly awesome mountain biking trails. A number of the best areas to mountain bicycle ride in the United States are the Pacific Northwest, Southwest.

These areas are where you'll find the major mountain ranges that offer all types of fun trails. Scenic, rough, hilly...a trail that should be suitable for any rider regardless of their experience. Some riders of course choose to push the limit, others hope to just get in some moderate exercise and others desire a slower, let's enjoy the scenery, pace.

Being in good athletic shape is a big plus but keep in mind that there are trails for everyone and the pace of your ride should be an individual choice.

pacific coast bike trails
Trails along the Pacific coastline
The American Southwest

Although the whole American West area is great for a mountain bike outing, the Southwest U.S. is quickly becoming a very popular area for the sport.

In the Southwest, a number of the best trails include Canyon South Boundary Trail in New Mexico, Flume Trail in Nevada. Both of the aforementioned trails comes with the reputation of a hard ride. As an example, both of these trails are over twenty miles long. With that being said, there's no requirement of having to ride the entire trail.

The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a terrific place for a mountain biking expedition. Some might say that the best two trails in the Pacific Northwest are Surveyor's Ridge in Oregon and the Methow Trails in Washington.

bike trails new mexico
Trail through Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM
Which Bike to Choose

With mountain biking being a popular sport, there's lots of bikes to select from. Here are a list of bike styles that fit into whats important to you the rider. What type of mountain bike riding you enjoy most and feel comfortable with is what really matters. 

1. Cross Country

Cross country mountain bikes are known to be light weight. This helps them run over most terrains, even up and down hills. Just about all mountain bikes fit into this general category and makes them the most common mountain bike. Cross Country biking is an Olympic sport. In the Olympics the cross country race is run around a lap rather than straight line racing.

2. Downhill

The Donhill bike may not be for everyone. If you're looking to push limits you'll probably want this bike. Downhill bikes come with both front and rear suspension, strong parts, and disc brakes. It's the type of mountain bike that riders like to custom build.

trail mountain bike
Trail bike
3. Trails

A good many of these Trail bikes are also custom built. These bikes are known to be light weight and strong. Trail mountain biking  takes an ample degree of skill and is known as the precision riding challenge of the sport.
the sport.

4. Jump and Slalom

Not the mountain bike for the beginner. Slalom and Jump bikes are designed for jumping, street racing, and slalom. They are built to be strong. The race course is similar to that of a slalom course for skiing. The difference however is instead of one racer racing against the best time, there are two racers who go head to head on the same course. These bikes are highly popular with mountain bikers.

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How Much Skill is Required for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a sport that beginners can enjoy but always keep safety in mind. There are many bikes to choose from as described above and there is one to fit the first time rider. Take your time choosing the right mountain bike. Be sure to try out several different styles and choose the one that suits your riding the best.

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