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Monday, May 18, 2015

Mountain Biking in the West / Types of Bikes

It's a fact that several companies offer mountain biking tours that go through very scenic routes. Taking a mountain biking getaway  is an excellent way to simply unwind from daily stress and at the same time explore some of the more scenic areas of the United States. Some of these biking companies even arrange accommodations for travelers as well.

bike trails lake tahoe
Plenty of scenic trails at Lake Tahoe, CA
For athletic couples, a biking  vacation offers the opportunity of exercising together and enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors. As opposed to working out on a treadmill in a gym, mountain biking puts you right in the middle of nature. It can't get too much better than that.

Regions and Trail Types

Each and every region in the United States has some truly awesome mountain biking trails. In fact, there's a trail somewhere that will provide riders the adventure they seek. Each and every region in the United States has some truly awesome mountain biking trails. A number of the best areas to mountain bicycle ride in the United States are the Pacific Northwest, Southwest.

These areas are where you'll find the major mountain ranges that offer all types of fun trails. Scenic, rough, hilly...a trail that should be suitable for any rider regardless of their experience. Some riders of course choose to push the limit, others hope to just get in some moderate exercise and others desire a slower, let's enjoy the scenery, pace.

Being in good athletic shape is a big plus but keep in mind that there are trails for everyone and the pace of your ride should be an individual choice.

pacific coast bike trails
Trails along the Pacific coastline
The American Southwest

Although the whole American West area is great for a mountain bike outing, the Southwest U.S. is quickly becoming a very popular area for the sport.

In the Southwest, a number of the best trails include Canyon South Boundary Trail in New Mexico, Flume Trail in Nevada. Both of the aforementioned trails comes with the reputation of a hard ride. As an example, both of these trails are over twenty miles long. With that being said, there's no requirement of having to ride the entire trail.

The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a terrific place for a mountain biking expedition. Some might say that the best two trails in the Pacific Northwest are Surveyor's Ridge in Oregon and the Methow Trails in Washington.

bike trails new mexico
Trail through Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM
Which Bike to Choose

With mountain biking being a popular sport, there's lots of bikes to select from. Here are a list of bike styles that fit into whats important to you the rider. What type of mountain bike riding you enjoy most and feel comfortable with is what really matters. 

1. Cross Country

Cross country mountain bikes are known to be light weight. This helps them run over most terrains, even up and down hills. Just about all mountain bikes fit into this general category and makes them the most common mountain bike. Cross Country biking is an Olympic sport. In the Olympics the cross country race is run around a lap rather than straight line racing.

2. Downhill

The Donhill bike may not be for everyone. If you're looking to push limits you'll probably want this bike. Downhill bikes come with both front and rear suspension, strong parts, and disc brakes. It's the type of mountain bike that riders like to custom build.

trail mountain bike
Trail bike
3. Trails

A good many of these Trail bikes are also custom built. These bikes are known to be light weight and strong. Trail mountain biking  takes an ample degree of skill and is known as the precision riding challenge of the sport.
the sport.

4. Jump and Slalom

Not the mountain bike for the beginner. Slalom and Jump bikes are designed for jumping, street racing, and slalom. They are built to be strong. The race course is similar to that of a slalom course for skiing. The difference however is instead of one racer racing against the best time, there are two racers who go head to head on the same course. These bikes are highly popular with mountain bikers.

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How Much Skill is Required for Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a sport that beginners can enjoy but always keep safety in mind. There are many bikes to choose from as described above and there is one to fit the first time rider. Take your time choosing the right mountain bike. Be sure to try out several different styles and choose the one that suits your riding the best.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Dude Ranches

by: Christine Chou

Dude ranches are facilities for accepting paying guests and meet their needs according to the functionality of each ranch. The phrase dude ranch surfaced only after the formation of the Dude Ranchers' Association in the year 1920, although the service and concept dates back to the end of 1800. The purpose of people flocking to these dude ranches during the vacation timings is basically to enjoy these ranches which offer various ranching activities in a serene and untouched rural ambiance.

The concept of dude ranching picked up in United States of America due to the gradual but steady romanticization of the western locations and lifestyle. The wealthy easterners of the continent started enjoying the ambiance and experience of ranches located in the west and thus started flocking towards them. Tapping the opportunity, the ranches started earning revenue by charging for their stay. The concept gained momentum by time and soon the west was dotted with dude ranches. Piggybacking on the success of United States, Australia also has many dude ranches and they are famous for their indigenous style of ranching.

Dude ranches are available in numerous types and activities. For instance a working dude ranch gives a gist of the west lifestyle to the guests, not only with its romantic and simple atmosphere but also by getting in touch with the day to day works at the ranch. They even encourage them to take part in the daily activities of a ranch comprising garden maintenance and handling cattle. The stay is expected to give an idea of the whole thing called ranching to the inhabitants.

A dude ranch that concentrates on the activity of horseback riding is called a riding dude ranch. They provide expert tips and tutelage on the skill of horse riding for guests who would range from experts to amateurs. The ranches also offer them an opportunity to have a ride, along the beautiful ranch locales along with works in the ring and trail rides. Another type of dude ranches is resort ranch and as the name suggests they give an environment and experience, similar to a resort concentrating on comfort of the guests. In addition to these ranches there are also other ranches like those for hunting, which enables the guests to have their hunting skills polished at native and wild imported species also.

Dude ranches are aplenty both in number and the activities they indulge in which is why people needing some hassle free stay for the vacation should scout around for the type of dude ranching they are interested in. Resort dude ranches are for those inclined to total relaxation, while those wanting some action and energy can look for ranches that provide various work activities. The dude ranch must be chosen based on the requirements of the guests.

There are ranches that accept guests throughout the year as well as those that are seasonal. Summer is the generally accepted peak season for ranchers due to the vacation timings and the working season of the ranches. This makes it difficult to get a good bargain on the rates. However this also leads to a reduced rate during the winter. The less hectic seasons during winters also enable the occupants to have a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

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Popular Reasons to Visit Park City Utah in the Summer

by Susan Mayloch

When people think of Park City, winter sports and the "Greatest Snow on Earth" are usually the first things that come to mind. What most don't realize is that Park City has as much to do in the summer as in the winter, if not more. The hard part is choosing which activities to do if you have a limited amount of time.

Winter skiing is not the only sport for those seeking adventure in Park City. To start, the resorts are home to world renowned mountain bike trails. Deer Valley hosts downhill races during the summer for all skill levels, although most people come to watch the experts attempt the challenging single tracks. If mountain biking does not appeal, there are many other ways to get adrenaline pumping, including rock climbing and river rafting.

While sports are a big lure for many vacationers, there are also numerous activities to keep families entertained. Park City Mountain Resort offers pulse-racing rides like the zip line, alpine coaster, and alpine slide for kids and adults alike. Mini-golf, a climbing wall, and a human maze are also great alternatives right at the base of the mountain.

Utah Olympic Park can give aspiring Olympians and adventure seekers the opportunity to experience the rush of racing down the bobsled track. An expert will guide the sled down the track at speeds up to 70 miles per hour-definitely not for the faint of heart! If the bobsled isn't enough, there is also a freestyle aerial splash pool at the park, where Olympians practice, as well as putting on public shows. There are even aerial camps available for those who want more of a hands on experience.

Park City hosts a number of events throughout the summer, including the Kimball Arts Festival in August, which unites artists from all over the country to sell their wares to crowds wandering Main Street. Music aficionados can get their fill at the Park City Jazz Festival with its multiple stages and world famous musicians. Another delight for the senses is the Park City Food and Wine Festival, which features fine wines and food from local restaurants.

On an every day basis, Park City possesses enough dining options to satisfy any palette. Various international foods, as well as classic American fare, can be found throughout town. Whether it's fine dining in an award winning Continental restaurant in Deer Valley, or having a casual meal in a bistro on Main Street, it would be difficult to sample all that Park City has to offer in just one trip.

Shopping is yet another pastime for locals and visitors alike. Strolling down Park City's quaint Main Street while deciding between checking out a souvenir shop or one of Park City's many boutiques is a great way to spend a day. There are also plenty of shops specializing in gear for mountain sports, from mountain biking to rock climbing-some even offer ski apparel and equipment year round.

It can be easy to think of Park City only in terms of its snow. While this is a big attraction for people in the area, the summers are usually what keep people from leaving. Coming up to Park City in the summertime, with the abundance of activities and scenic landscape, it can be easy to understand how people come for a week, and end up becoming locals.

More Information:

Susan Mayloch is a travel and outdoor writer from Park City UT. Susan uses a local website for information on Park City Activities.

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Grand Canyon Summer Trips Are Great for Adventurous Travelers

by Lea Fallon

Going on a tour is the ideal way to experience the Grand Canyon National Park. If you're going to be in Arizona or Vegas, you should definitely consider taking one of these tours.

Unique Experiences With Plenty Of Options

You have plenty of options when it comes to these canyon tours. To start with, you can choose an air tour, bus tour, or water tour. Helicopter tours are very exciting. Touring by raft is exciting too since you can gaze up at the rocks towering above you.

If you choose a tour that leaves from Vegas, you can go to the West or South Rim. Folks coming from somewhere in AZ will do the South Rim. Unfortunately, there are no tours available that go between the rims. Keep in mind, too, that Las Vegas helicopters only go to the West Rim. If you really want to take a chopper tour of the South Rim, you can book an airplane/helicopter combo package that flies you to the South Rim by plane.

The Canyon Is Vast And Diverse

The Canyon is spectacular and truly immense, and there are plenty of things to do while you're there. Since it encompasses more than one million acres, the best way to see it is from the air. Once you gaze upon the Grand Canyon from the air you'll be incredulous how big it is..

It's a good idea to avoid the tourist traps when you go to the park. There are easy to spot because they are filled with tourists and they charge high prices. Touring by helicopter, airplane, or boat is much more fun. You won't have to deal with crowds as much either.

Safety Matters

Another benefit of booking a tour, is you will have an experienced tour guide along with you. Tour guides are important to the success of your trip because they ensure that it's fun, informative and safe. In addition, tour guides are the ones that know exactly where the best views are and where to take the best pictures..

Plan Ahead

Planning your tour ahead of time is a good idea. Decide on the things you want to see and activities you want to do, and then get your tour booked before it sells out. At the West Rim, the highlights include such landmarks like Eagle Point, Guano Point and Grand Canyon Skywalk. The South Rim offers Yaki Point, Grand Canyon Village and Mather Point, among other highlights.

Treat Your Family

If you're looking for a good gift for a friend or family member that enjoys nature activities, why not give them tickets for a tour of the Grand Canyon? Anyone would love to go to the Grand Canyon National Park. There are so many tour choices, even if they've already been, they could have an entirely new experience this time.

Summing Up

When you get ready to tour the Grand Canyon, you'll have many choices to make. Whether you're planning a trip for yourself or as a gift for one of your friends or family, a tour will let you customize your experience and avoid the crowds and hassle. Do your research, and I'm sure you'll be able to find a Grand Canyon tour that will give you a great time.

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Grand Canyon specialist Lea Fallon suggests this free report on the way to save money on excursions http://www.grandcanyondaytrips.com/save-money/ She also suggests checking out this website to get the best discounts on the very best tours: http://www.grandcanyondaytrips.com/tours/

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