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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Things to See and Do in La Jolla California

La Jolla coastline
The hilly, seaside neighborhood of La Jolla is an affluent community in San Diego, California. La Jolla occupies one of the most beautiful spots on the Pacific Coast. It is surrounded on three sides by ocean and beaches and offers unique recreational opportunities plus excellent photo opportunities.

 Located only about 15 minutes north of downtown San Diego, La Jolla is a unique community with some of the highest home prices in the U.S. La Jolla is well known for it's beaches, scenic cliffs, shopping, dining and world class golf. 

Torrey Pines Golf Course, on the north side of La Jolla, sits on the coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and is recognized as the premier municipal golf course owned and operated by a city. Torrey Pines is the location of several major golf tournaments.

La Jolla History

San Diego was the site of the first Spanish Mission built in 1769 in what was then called Alta California. During the years afterward, Spanish missions were established up the California coast as far north as Sonoma.

Street along shoreline
Archeologists have discovered artifacts that tell us that Indians lived in the area of La Jolla some 10,000 years ago.

The La Jolla Historical Society states that where exactly the name "La Jolla" originated from is a bit controversial. There could have been two different sources. What is known is that it could have come from the Spanish word La Joya (which means "the jewel") or possibly from the Indian term Woholle (meaning "hole in the mountains"). The Indian name is  certainly appropriate considering the caves and rock formations along La Jolla's shoreline. According to the Society, the name has appeared in all land grant and mission records since 1928 and in scattered documents at least back to 1870 when they appeared spelled "L-a-J-o-y-a".

Scenic and Relaxing La Jolla

If you're traveling to southern California, particularly down to San Diego, La Jolla is a must stop. It's not only a must stop but also a place where you'll surely want to enjoy for a few days. Many fun things to see and do in La Jolla.

One fun activity we found when first arriving was a stroll above and along the shoreline. Here you'll find a walking path that follows the rocky coastline where you'll likely see sea lions and several different kinds of birds. The view along the way is spectacular and you'll get a bit of exercise and fresh sea air at the same time.

There are countless activities and attractions in La Jolla and  we want to list a few of these...

Snorkeling...Scuba Diving...... Kayaking...Bicycling...Birch Aquarium...Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego ...Sightseeing...Beachcombing...Unique Dining and Shopping...Strolling along the Shoreline

Birds congregate on the rocks
Kayaking La Jolla

There are opportunities to Kayak La Jolla and the Seven Sea Caves.  There is a guided tour enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. California sea lions can frequently be seen sunning on the cliffs, swimming around in the water nearby the Caves, or barking at each other on the rocks. Kayaking can allow you to get up close for a view.

Dining in La Jolla

Throughout the La Jolla community you'll discover an amazing range of dining choices, from fine cuisine to quaint cafes, from internationally renowned restaurants to neighborhood favorites. Downtown La Jolla, located on the peninsula, has dozens of restaurants, many of which are upscale

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

This museum was first establishes in 1941 as the Art Center of La Jolla. Later it functioned as the La Jolla Art Museum. During the 1970's it's name was changed to the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

This museum has two locations, one in the La Jolla community and one in downtown San Diego. The museum, according to their website, is the region’s foremost forum devoted to the exploration and presentation of the art of our time, presenting works across all media created since 1950. The museum is located at 700 Prospect Street, La Jolla. Hours are 11 A – 5 P daily. Closed Wednesday.

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Street leading to shoreline
The Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, you'll be able to view more than 3,000 fish in over sixty habitats plus a museum on ocean & earth science. According to their website, Birch Aquarium at Scripps brings to life the exciting discoveries of world-renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego. The Birch Aquarium also hosts daily animal feedings as well as educational, hands-on visitor activities. Open 9A-5P daily, the Birch Aquarium at Scripps is located at 2300 Expedition Way, La Jolla.

La Jolla is a terrific community to visit when in the San Diego, California area. There are many fun things to see and do in La Jolla. Plenty of great scenery, sunny weather, dining and shopping, an aquarium and museum plus unique recreational opportunities. 

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