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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bighorn Mountain Country Adventure / Great Hiking

Located in both Wyoming and Montana, the Big Horns are one of America’s most scenic and pristine mountain regions. Big Horn Mountain Country has something for everyone–whether you’re an outdoor recreation enthusiast, sightseer, traveler or merely wish to kick back and relax. The scenery and the terrain, the pristine air, and natural mountain beauty of the Big Horns offer a place to leave back that hustle and bustle of the city.

Hunting, camping, fishing and boating are popular in the Bighorn Mountains.

Hiking Through the Bighorns 

bighorn lake wyoming
Bighorn Lake in the southern district
There are many hiking trails throughout the Big Horn Mountains and Bighorn National Forest. The location is also advantageous for your summer vacation itinerary as the mountains are about half way between Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore. Mountain lakes, grassy pasture land and alpine meadows are all a part of this region.

Hike Bighorn Canyon

Bighorn Canyon is located northwest of Sheridan,Wyoming and south/southeast of Billings, Montana.

Billings is about 86 miles from the Bighorn Canyon Recreational Area. Sheridan, Wyoming is about 111 miles away. Both communities are just a few hours drive.

Bighorn Canyon is ideal for hiking.. These trails offer great  scenery and peaceful settings. They also offer a real natural way to explore this region. Some trails go through historic ranches while others take visitors to scenic vistas. The trail system offer hikers a great way to see this region as well as a way to make your visit here longer, and longer is good.

Bighorn Canyon Recreational Area offers over 27 miles of trails.There are thirteen trails long and short. Some of these will take you through historic ranches and others will treat you to scenic vistas. One thing to note is that the NPS does not allow dogs on the hiking trails in the Bighorn Canyon Recreational Area.

According to the NPS, Bighorn Canyon is home to bighorn sheep, mule deer, wild horses, mountain lions, black bears, and many other animals.

bighorn country scenery
The natural beauty of Bighorn Country
There are five campgrounds within this recreation area.....

They are the Afterbay Campground, the Black Canyon Campground, the Horseshoe Bend Campground, the Trail Creek Campground and the Medicine Creek Campground.

Hike Bighorn Lake 

The creation of Bighorn Lake goes back to 1965 when the Yellow Tail Dam was constructed. The lake spans an amazing 71 miles through the Bighorn Canyon. Here you'll see 1,000 foot high cliffs rising from the lake. The lake is beautiful and boating and fishing are popular activities. Boat rentals are offered.

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Travel to Bighorn Country  

scenic red rocks
Scenic Red Rocks in Bighorn Country
Bighorn Country is in both Wyoming and Montana, relatively close to both Sheridan, Wyoming and Billings, Montana. Both of these towns are known for their local events which brings in plenty of tourists.

Sheridan's Wyoming Rodeo, Wine Fest, Brew Fest and concerts are just some of the events. Look for the 3rd Thursday Summer Street Festivals.The festival is on Sheridan's historic Main Street and you'll enjoy music and food and the many unique shops in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming. Thousands attend these four summer festivals.

Billings is the largest city in Montana and draws thousands of tourists annually. Such attractions as Yellowstone National Park, the Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument, and Cody, Wyoming are not far from Billings. Also, don't miss the Yellowstone County Museum in Billings. The annual fall rodeo at the Metra in Billings draws big-time cowboys and cowgirls. Billings, Montana is also known for it's ArtWalk and it's galleries. For more information on Billings ArtWalk see website.....http://www.artwalkbillings.com/

Bighorn Country and it's beautiful Bighorn Mountains offer plenty of fun recreational and travel activities. From hiking, bicycling, boating, fishing, camping and the nearby festivals and events in Billings, Montana and Sheridan, Wyoming, your visit to this area should be a great time for the entire family.

Two good books regarding the Bighorn Mountains and hiking trails includes.....Hiking Wyoming's Cloud Peak Wilderness (Regional Hiking Series) by Erik Molvar and Hiking Montana: A Guide to the State's Greatest Hikes by Bill Schneider and Russ Schneider.

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