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Sunday, December 29, 2013

San Antonio Historic Hotels / The Crockett

Across the street from the Alamo in San Antonio Texas and just a short stroll to the famous Riverwalk is The Crockett Hotel, a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historical Preservation.  The hotel is also a member of the Historic Hotels of America.

crockett hotel san antonio
The Crockett Hotel, San Antonio, TX
If you're looking to stay in the center of activity The Crockett Hotel is in a perfect location. The hotel is walking distance to justa about all the attractions in the historic part of downtown San Antonio.

The Crockett Hotel in San Antonio

After the war with Mexico and when Texas gained it's independence the area where The Crockett Hotel now stands was converted from agriculture to commercial use. 

Historians mark the date of the first structure on this site as 1877. The cornerstone however is dated 1909 and was placed there by a fraternal organization, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Lodge 11. What is unclear is whether a first 1877 structure was demolished and replaced with the building you see today in 1909. An interesting note is that a section of guestrooms that had been added for the 1968 World's Fair was afterwards demolished to enhance the pool area.

historic texas hotels
Interior area of Crockett Hotel
Most historians believe that this is the case and the building you see today, the original six story section, was constructed in 1909. It is believed that the Odd Fellows operated the hotel and used part of the building for fraternal meetings and events. A seven story wing was added to that structure in 1927.The building has gone through several interior renovations over the years, one in 1982 and another in 2007.When The Crockett was renovated in 1982 a seven story atrium was added to enclose the hotel's courtyard.

Talk about a place in Texas history, The Crockett is also located adjacent to another famous San Antonio hotel, The Menger. The Menger Hotel is one of the oldest and best known hotels in Texas and was opened in 1859. Similar to The Crockett, The Menger Hotel added wings in subsequent years.

The Crockett Hotel and it's 180 guest rooms is located literally on what was the Alamo grounds and battlefield  and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the soldiers who fought in that famous battle of 1836. In that year the main plaza of the Alamo was about three acres in size. The Texans had a perimeter to defend that was about a quarter mile long. Today, when the Battle of the Alamo is discussed, the focus is put on the chapel or mission building when the field of battle really encompassed a wide area which included a lot of San Antonio. The west wall in front of the Alamo chapel faced the San Antonio River.

the crockett hotel
Hotel atrium area
The Battle of the Alamo lasted thirteen days during February and March of 1836. The Crockett stands on the southeast area of the old Alamo grounds and at a point where Davy Crockett and other Texas settlers defended the old mission.

The Haunted Crockett Hotel

As with many other thought to be haunted buildings, The Crockett Hotel has been known to have sudden cold spots appearing as well as faint whispers. These have been reported to occur throughout the hotel with the most active areas being several guest rooms, the lobby and the hotel bar. Guests and staff both have reported sightings of a man in a blue jacket similar to ones worn by soldiers during the 1836 battle.

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In the Center of San Antonio's Tourist Sites

In addition to the Alamo directly across the street from The Crockett Hotel and the Riverwalk adjacent to it, the hotel is a short stroll away from the La Villita Historic Arts Village and also one of San Antonio's oldest neighborhoods. This arts village of one square block has been in existence since 1939 and features all types of art...sculptures, oil paintings, pottery and much more. You'll also want to check out events planned at the arts village before your trip to San Antonio. La Villita Historic Arts Village is adjacent to the hotels and the Riverwalk. See their website at www.lavillita.com

Crockett Hotel entrance
If you take a boat ride on the San Antonio River along the Riverwalk, which is highly recommended, you'll learn quite a lot about San Antonio and the construction of the Riverwalk itself. The cruise is 35 minutes long and passes by the RiverCenter Mall which is the only mall in the U.S. that actually has a river running through it. Your cruise on the river will also pass through the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center and the Lila Cockrell Theater. 

The Crockett Hotel offers guests an opportunity to really step back into the unique history of San Antonio Texas and enjoy the attractions, both historic and modern, the city has to offer. Built on the grounds of the old Alamo battlefield, The Crockett Hotel is one of San Antonio's most popular hotels.

The Crockett Hotel is located at 320 Bonham at the corner of E. Crockett Street.

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