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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Fetterman Fight Battlefield Video / Wyoming

The Fetterman Fight which took place on December 21, 1866 represented the biggest cavalry defeat up to that time. The Battle of the Little Bighorn some ten years into the future would surpass it.

The Fetterman Fight took place in Wyoming north of Fort Laramie and about 17 miles south of present day Sheridan Wyoming. The battlefield's location is easily accessible off of Interstate-90. It's a very interesting and educational addition to your Wyoming vacation or weekend road trip.

Chief Red Cloud
Today there is a monument erected memorializing the battle which was part of Red Cloud's War. It was really a prelude to the Great Sioux War that would transpire later. Red Cloud's War like several others in the old west really was a result of the emigrants traveling through and sometimes settling in previous Native American hunting grounds.

The link below is an excellent video of the Fetterman Fight battlefield as it is today. Many tourists passing through the area of Wyoming stop to visit this historic site. It is easily reached by a path and in addition to the monument itself are plaques explaining what happened during the battle and where.

 I think you'll enjoy the video below.

Fetterman Fight Battlefield Video

The Fetterman Fight / Wyoming 1866

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